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i don’t know what i’m supposed to be doing right now but i’m pretty sure i’m not doing it

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1. If you let yourself think of someone too much, you would think that you need that person in your life. But the truth is you don’t. You just programmed your mind that you do.

2. You can miss someone too much to the point that everything that you would ever see will be associated to that person. It will mentally destroy you. You would feel like you are drowning and that person is your oxygen. If someone makes you feel like this, try to breathe fresh air. Learn how to inhale yourself first so you won’t be breathless when they leave.

3.You can never own a person. Someone can never be yours even if they told you that they are. People are not properties to be owned. They could walk away from your life any time they want and you could not blame them by doing so You can stay all you want and you can not hate them for the pain.

4. When you feel like you are being taken for granted, you have the right to walk away. There is no use in letting yourself be with someone who treats you like a trash when you are a precious gem who deserves to be valued.

5. When someone tells you he would stay, don’t believe them. Remember, they are capable of walking away any time they want to. Remember, everybody leaves. You can not tie themselves to you so they won’t get away. They will always find a way out.

6. You can not continue fighting for someone who has long given up on you. Love is a two-player game. It would not work out if you are the only one who’s holding the controller. You are worth fighting for. Always remember that.

7. Even if someone broke your heart, it could not shatter to the point that it would lose its capability of loving someone again.

8. Love can never be enough. Someone can say those three words to you alongside with goodbye.

9. When it is all over, you should not invalidate the love that you once shared just so you could move on. It was there, it just wasn’t meant to last and you have to accept that.


n.a., nine things i learned from my previous heartbreak (via escafeism)

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‘am i right ladies’ is the best way to end any text post am i right ladies 

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